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Release Date: 18.12.2015
Paylines: -
Reels: -
RTP: 96%
Max Win:
Min Bet: 0.01
Max Bet:
Layout: 5-3
Technology: FLASH
Game Size: N/A MB
Tegan Harris
Tegan Harrislast updated : 11/07/2023 at 15:02

Welcome to 'Temple Cats', a captivating online slot game brought to you by the renowned game provider, Endorphina. Released on the 18th of December, 2015, this game has been a favorite amongst slot enthusiasts for its unique theme and impressive features. The game operates on the FLASH technology, offering players a seamless gaming experience.

What sets 'Temple Cats' apart is its 5-3 layout and 10 betways, giving players ample opportunities to score a win. The game's RTP is 96%, a competitive figure in the industry, making it a popular choice for players seeking both entertainment and potential returns. The minimum bet starts at 0.01, accommodating players with varying budget preferences.

Unfortunately, 'Temple Cats' is not mobile-friendly. However, the game's immersive graphics and engaging gameplay are best enjoyed on a larger screen, ensuring a gaming experience that's worth your time.

While 'Temple Cats' does not offer free spins, bonus rounds, wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, progressive jackpots, or autoplay, the game is still packed with excitement and potential wins. Discover the mysteries of 'Temple Cats' today!

Key Features:

  • Game Provider: Endorphina
  • Release Date: 18.12.2015
  • RTP: 96%
  • Layout: 5-3
  • Betways: 10
  • Min Bet: 0.01

What is Temple Cats

The slot in question is called "Temple Cats", a game developed by the renowned game provider, Endorphina. As its name suggests, the general theme of the slot revolves around ancient temples and mysterious felines, providing an intriguing and mystical gaming experience. The game employs a 5-3 layout and offers 10 betways, making it quite versatile and suitable for a wide range of players.

This slot game operates with a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96%, indicating a relatively high chance of earning returns over time. However, the game's variance level is not specified, so players should approach with their preferred level of risk in mind. It is important to note that the game is based on FLASH technology, and its mobile-friendliness is currently not confirmed.

Despite the game's interesting theme and promising RTP rate, it's unclear whether it offers certain features such as free spins, bonus rounds, wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, or progressive jackpots. The minimum bet starts at 0.01, but the maximum bet is not stated. Unfortunately, the game size is also not specified.

Endorphina, the game provider, is a well-known entity in the gaming industry, which might add a layer of trust and quality to the "Temple Cats" slot game. To sum up, this game could be a great choice for players who enjoy mysterious and ancient-themed slots and appreciate a high RTP rate.

How to play Temple Cats

Welcome to the Temple Cats slot game by Endorphina. This game is set on a 5x3 layout, with 10 betways to potentially secure your winnings. You can start your journey in this temple by placing a minimum bet of 0.01. Please note that this game is not mobile-friendly and uses FLASH technology, so ensure you're playing on a compatible device.

To play Temple Cats, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the game controls. Although the specific controls are not detailed in the game data, typical slot games will feature buttons to adjust your bet amount, start the spin, and possibly an autoplay feature. Make sure to check the game rules and paytable for specific symbols and combinations that could lead to bigger payouts. With a return to player (RTP) rate of 96%, there's a decent chance of getting a return over an extended period.

A few tips to enhance your gaming experience: Always remember to play responsibly and within your financial means. Although the game's outcome is primarily based on luck, understanding the game mechanics can potentially improve your winning chances. Keep an eye out for any special features or bonuses that can increase your winnings. Lastly, have fun exploring the mysteries of Temple Cats.

Gameplay Mechanics

The game in question is Temple Cats, a slot game with undisclosed details about its structure, such as the number of paylines and reels. The game, however, has a reported Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96% which gives players a general idea about the potential payback they can expect from this game over a period of time.

While the game does not have any specified multiplier or progressive jackpot features, its volatility level is also not stated. These details are significant in determining the risk level and potential high payouts of the game. The betting limits are yet to be discussed, which would be particularly interesting for players of varied budgets.

The following sections will delve deeper into the gameplay mechanics of Temple Cats, providing a more comprehensive understanding of its features and playability.

Reels, Rows and Paylines

The slot game "Temple Cats" does not provide specific information about its reels and paylines in the provided data. Generally, a slot game consists of a grid of reels and rows, which displays a variety of symbols. The combination of these symbols on different paylines, which are pre-determined patterns that run across the reels, determines the outcome of a player's spin. The number of these paylines, as well as the structure of the game grid, can vary widely between different games, greatly affecting the gameplay experience. However, without specific data about the "Temple Cats" game, it is impossible to provide a detailed description of its structure and paylines.

Bet Limits and RTP

The slot game "Temple Cats" offers a minimum bet of 0.01. Unfortunately, the data provided does not specify the maximum bet or the maximum win possible, which may limit the high-rolling players who are seeking large payouts. However, "Temple Cats" does offer a return to player (RTP) percentage of 96%. This is a favourable RTP as it indicates that players may potentially get back 96% of their total bets over a long period of playing. This RTP rate is quite competitive when compared with other slot games in the market.

Special Features and Bonuses of Temple Cats

Welcome to the "Special Features and Bonuses" section of Temple Cats, a popular game brought to you by Endorphina. This section is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the unique features and bonus elements you can expect from this game. Please note that the detailed information about these features will be presented in subsequent sections.

As a player, it's essential to be familiar with the game's special features such as bonus rounds, wild symbols, scatter symbols, and potential multipliers, as these can significantly increase your chances of winning and enhance your overall gaming experience. Unfortunately, it's unclear at this moment whether Temple Cats offers these features as the provided data doesn't specify this information.

The game, which was released on the 18th of December, 2015, runs on FLASH technology and has a layout of 5-3 with 10 betways. It offers a return to player (RTP) rate of 96%, which indicates the potential return over a large number of plays. The minimum bet for the game is 0.01, while the maximum bet is not specified.

Keep reading for a more in-depth exploration of each of these special features and bonuses, and how they contribute to the Temple Cats gaming experience. We hope this information enhances your understanding and enjoyment of the game.

Theme and Aesthetics

The slot game "Temple Cats" developed by Endorphina, offers an intriguing theme that transports players to ancient Egypt. The theme is eloquently incorporated into the game's design elements, providing a visually immersive gaming experience.

The background sets the tone with its depiction of an ancient Egyptian temple, complete with hieroglyphs and traditional motifs. The symbols are also in keeping with the theme, featuring a variety of Egyptian icons that players must align to win. These symbols include various cat representations, which were sacred creatures in ancient Egyptian culture, and other traditional Egyptian symbols like scarabs and the Eye of Ra.

The game's layout follows a 5-3 structure, with five reels and three rows. With 10 betways, the game offers multiple winning combinations. The game's return to player (RTP) is a competitive 96%, making it an attractive choice for players seeking a winning edge.

"Temple Cats" operates on FLASH technology, compatible with desktop play. However, it's worth noting that the game doesn't currently support mobile play. The betting range of the game is flexible, with the minimum bet starting at 0.01.

Despite the game not featuring bonus rounds, free spins, wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, or progressive jackpots, "Temple Cats" manages to captivate with its engaging theme and straightforward gameplay.

In conclusion, "Temple Cats" is a charming slot game that combines an intriguing theme with a user-friendly interface and competitive RTP, making it an appealing option for slot enthusiasts and fans of ancient Egyptian culture alike.

Compatibility: Support Devices

The game "Temple Cats" offers a captivating gaming experience. However, there are certain prerequisites and conditions to be met to ensure smooth operation of the game.

Firstly, it's important to note that this game is not mobile-friendly. Consequently, the game can only be run on desktop devices. If you are a mobile user, kindly consider playing other mobile-friendly games available on our site.

In addition to the device requirements, the game employs Flash technology. Therefore, your browser must support Flash to run the game. Please ensure your browser has the necessary software to support this technology.

In the event your browser does not support Flash, you may need to install a suitable plugin or extension, or consider switching to a different browser that does support Flash.

Lastly, the game "Temple Cats" is available for free play on our site. So, you can enjoy the game without worrying about any charges.

We hope these guidelines will assist you in the best possible way to enjoy the game "Temple Cats". Please reach out to us if you face any issues or need further assistance.

Pros and Cons of Playing Temple Cats

The game "Temple Cats" is a unique offering from the game provider Endorphina. Here's a comprehensive analysis of its pros and cons:

ProsConsUnique theme: Temple Cats is not another fruit slot game, it offers something different and interesting.Technology: The game uses Flash technology which is not as commonly supported on modern devices.RTP: The game has a relatively high Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96%, which means players have a fair chance of winning.Lack of Mobile Compatibility: The game is not mobile-friendly, limiting accessibility for players who prefer to play on their mobile devices.Low Minimum Bet: With a minimum bet of 0.01, it is accessible to players with different budget ranges.Undefined Features: Certain features such as free spins, bonus rounds, wild and scatter symbols, multipliers, and progressive jackpots are not specified.Game Provider: The game is provided by Endorphina, a well-respected and trusted name in the gaming industry.No information on variance: Without variance information, it's unclear whether the game is high risk/high reward or offers small wins more often.

Please note that the enjoyment and success of any game is subjective and depends on the individual player's preferences and style of play. Always play responsibly and within your limits.

Summary of Temple Cats Review

The game in question is "Temple Cats", developed by Endorphina, a well-respected name in the gaming industry. This game was released on 18th December 2015, and since its release, it has been available for play on the Endorphina website. However, it should be noted that the game is not mobile-friendly, which could be a setback for players who prefer gaming on their mobile devices.

"Temple Cats" operates on Flash technology, which might be a bit outdated considering the current gaming trends. Also, the game size is not specified, which might raise concerns about its compatibility and performance on various devices. From a betting perspective, the minimum bet is set at 0.01, but the maximum bet limit is not specified. This could either mean unlimited betting potential or an undisclosed limit, which might not sit well with some players.

The game layout is a standard 5-3, with ten betways. The Return to Player (RTP) rate is a respectable 96%, which is fairly competitive in the current gaming market. However, the game does not seem to offer any special features such as free spins, bonus rounds, wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, progressive jackpots, or autoplay options. This could potentially make the game less appealing to seasoned players who are accustomed to such features in modern slot games.

Ultimately, "Temple Cats" seems to be a fairly basic slot game without any unique or standout features. While it might appeal to players who prefer traditional, straightforward slot games, it could potentially fall short for those looking for a game with more complexity and special features.

What are the symbols in Temple Cats?
The data provided does not contain specific information about the symbols used in the "Temple Cats" slot game.
When did Temple Cats come out?
The slot game "Temple Cats" was released on December 18, 2015.
What is the RTP of Temple Cats?
The Return to Player (RTP) rate of the slot game "Temple Cats" by Endorphina is 96%.
What is the Temple Cats bonus?
The data does not provide information on whether the slot game "Temple Cats" has bonus rounds or not.