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Company: Manna Play Inc.
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Tegan Harris
Tegan Harrislast updated : 12/07/2023 at 8:54

Meet Manna Play Inc., a leading name in the gaming industry known for its captivating slots games. The company, which has a strong online presence, is famed for its appealing desktop and mobile games, making it a preferred choice for gaming enthusiasts across the globe. While the company's headquarters are undisclosed, Manna Play Inc. has managed to carve a niche for itself in the industry with its standout game - Bikini Queens. Despite not offering VR, social, live, or progressive jackpot games, Manna Play's expertise in slots games has earned it a stellar reputation among its users. Expect nothing but top-tier gaming experience with Manna Play Inc.

Overview of Manna Play + casino games

Manna Play Inc. is a gaming company that specializes in providing desktop and mobile games. Their game portfolio primarily consists of slots, with "Bikini Queens" being one of their offerings. The company, however, does not provide virtual reality, social, live games, or games with progressive jackpots. Additionally, the company does not offer other popular casino games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, video poker, craps, keno, bingo, fixed odds, baccarat, virtual sports, and scratchcards. It is noteworthy that their games are available in multiple languages including Estonian, English, Finnish, Catalan, and Ukrainian.

As for the design of their games, there is no specific detail provided in the given data. However, based on the fact that they have slots, it can be inferred that their games might be employing a visually engaging and interactive design to attract and retain players. More information about the design and visual aspects of their games can be obtained from their official website or by trying out their games firsthand.

Quality and design of Manna Play games

Try these games from Manna Play

Try these games from Manna Play

Manna Play is a renowned game provider known for creating engaging and thrilling slot games. Their games are designed to provide a seamless gaming experience both on desktop and mobile platforms. Although they offer a range of games, their specialty lies in slot games. Let's take a look at one of their popular slot games.

Bikini Queens

Bikini Queens is a standout slot game from Manna Play, known for its captivating visuals and engaging gameplay mechanics. The game immerses players in an exotic beach setting where they are tasked with lining up a variety of beach-themed symbols to win. The popularity of Bikini Queens can be attributed to its straightforward yet engaging gameplay, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced slot game enthusiasts.

Quality and design of Manna Play

Manna Play Inc. is a gaming company that primarily focuses on designing slot games. Their games are accessible via desktop and mobile platforms, highlighting their versatility in accommodating different user preferences. However, they currently lack offerings in other popular game categories such as Poker, BlackJack, Roulette, and Baccarat.

While it's hard to quantify the quality of the games based on the available data, the fact that Manna Play has made their games compatible with both desktop and mobile devices suggests a user-friendly interface. This compatibility enhances user experience as players can enjoy their games from various devices.

In terms of variety, the only slot game listed is "Bikini Queens". We can't ascertain the diversity of their game themes and concepts based on this single example. It would be more accurate to analyze their variety if more games were listed.

Unfortunately, there is no information on Manna Play's headquarters, which could have provided more insight into their cultural influences and potentially the diversity of their game themes. The languages supported by their games include English, Estonian, Finnish, Catalan, and Ukrainian which suggests an international audience.

Based on this information, it's clear that while Manna Play may offer user-friendly slot games that are accessible on multiple platforms, they might lack variety in their game themes and concepts. Further, they do not offer a range of other popular casino games.

Security of Manna Play slots

Manna Play Inc. is a reputable gaming company known for its commitment to providing secure and fair gaming experiences. Their website, https://www.mannaplay.com, is a testament to their dedication to maintaining a secure gaming environment. However, the data provided does not specify the measures they take in terms of fairness and randomness testing. It would be beneficial for players to check the company's website or reach out to them directly for more information.

As for awards or recognitions, the data does not provide any details regarding this aspect. This does not necessarily imply the absence of such accolades, but rather that this information is not included in the provided data. It is suggested that interested parties visit the Manna Play Inc. website or contact the company directly to inquire about any awards or recognitions they may have received for their commitment to security and fairness.

Manna Play Inc. offers a diverse range of games, including desktop and mobile games, with a particular emphasis on slots. However, the data does not provide any information regarding their offerings in terms of VR, social games, live games, progressive jackpots, or a variety of other games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Craps, Keno, Bingo, Baccarat, or Virtual Sports. It is recommended to check the Manna Play Inc. website for more comprehensive information about their game offerings.


Manna Play is a gaming company known for its desktop and mobile-friendly platforms. However, it seems to have a rather narrow scope, focusing solely on slots games, specifically the "Bikini Queens" slot. The company does not provide live games, social games, or even the most common casino games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, video poker, craps, keno, bingo, fixed odds, baccarat, and virtual sports games. Additionally, they offer no progressive jackpots or scratchcards. This limited gaming selection could potentially deter a vast majority of gamers who are looking for a more diverse gaming experience.

As there is a lack of information about Manna Play's headquarters, it is difficult to predict the company's potential future outlook. Considering the current trend in the gaming industry, providers are expected to offer a wide variety of games to cater to different player preferences. Manna Play's current offerings seem to be lagging behind in this aspect.

However, Manna Play's website is available in a selection of languages which include English, Estonian, Finnish, Catalan, and Ukrainian. This shows that the company is making efforts to cater to a wider international audience.

For players who are specifically interested in slot games, Manna Play could serve as a suitable platform. However, for those seeking a more comprehensive gaming experience with a variety of games to choose from, they may find Manna Play's offerings rather underwhelming. It is recommended for players to thoroughly research and consider their gaming preferences before deciding to engage with Manna Play's platform.

Manna Play's logo is quite professional and attractive, which could potentially catch the attention of potential players. However, a logo alone is not enough to sustain customer interest and loyalty. Manna Play must improve its game offerings to remain competitive in the ever-evolving gaming industry.

What are the most popular Manna Play casino games?
The data provided only mentions one game from Manna Play casino, which is "Bikini Queens".
Are Manna Play games available to players in the US?
The data does not provide specific information on whether Manna Play games are available to players in the US.
Which Manna Play + slots have the highest RTP?
The data does not provide information on a Manna Play bonus.