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Company: NOVOMATIC AG Group
Headquarters: Germany
ee, en, fi, ca, uk
Tegan Harris
Tegan Harrislast updated : 12/07/2023 at 7:42

Novomatic, a notable player in the online gaming industry, is part of the NOVOMATIC AG Group based in Germany. They are renowned for their diverse game offerings that cater to a range of players. Known for their desktop and mobile games, Novomatic's portfolio also includes live games, progressive jackpots, slots, blackjacks, poker, baccarat, and bingo. Some of their popular slots include '4 reel-kings', 'always hot', 'book of-ra', among others. Despite not offering games in certain categories such as VR, social games, video poker, craps, keno, fixed odds, virtual sports, and scratchcards, Novomatic has managed to earn a significant reputation in the market.

Overview of Novomatic + casino games

Novomatic is a well-established gaming provider under the NOVOMATIC AG Group that offers a wide range of games across different platforms. The company offers games that are playable on both desktop and mobile devices, with an emphasis on live games, progressive jackpots, slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and bingo. Some popular slot games from Novomatic include 4 Reel-Kings, Always Hot, Beetle Mania, Book of Ra Deluxe, and Bullion Bars, among others. Baccarat is also available, making Novomatic a comprehensive provider for various casino games.

The design of Novomatic's games is a blend of classic and contemporary elements, offering players a timeless gaming experience. Despite the absence of video poker, craps, keno, fixed odds, virtual sports, scratchcards, and MegaWays, the company ensures high-quality graphics and user-friendly interfaces across all its games. The company's headquarters are in Germany and its website is accessible in multiple languages including English, Finnish, and Ukrainian, demonstrating its global reach and commitment to providing a localized gaming experience for its players.

Try these games from Novomatic

Try these games from Novomatic, a renowned gaming company based in Germany. Novomatic is known for its diverse range of games that suits all types of players. Whether you prefer slots, poker, roulette, or bingo, Novomatic has something to offer. The games are available on both desktop and mobile, allowing players to enjoy them wherever they are. The company also offers live games and progressive jackpots, enhancing the gaming experience.

4 Reel-Kings

The 4 Reel-Kings is a popular slot game that offers players the opportunity to win big with its four reels. The game is known for its straightforward mechanics and high payout rate, making it a favorite among slot enthusiasts.

Always Hot

Always Hot is another well-loved slot game from Novomatic. This game stands out for its classic fruit machine design and simple gameplay. The game's popularity comes from its nostalgic feel and the thrill it provides with every spin.

Beetle Mania

Beetle Mania is a fun and engaging slot game with a unique beetle theme. It's a favorite among players for its colorful graphics, entertaining bonus features, and potential for high payouts. Despite its fun theme, the game offers serious winning opportunities.

Book of Ra Deluxe

Book of Ra Deluxe is a slot game that takes players on an exciting adventure to ancient Egypt. With its immersive storyline and rewarding bonus features, this game has gained a significant following among Novomatic players. The game's popularity is not only due to its captivating theme but also its high payout potential.

Quality and design of Novomatic

The gaming company Novomatic, as per the provided data, appears to maintain a certain level of quality and diversity in their game offerings. They are part of the NOVOMATIC AG Group and are based in Germany, with their games accessible via their website.

With both desktop and mobile compatibility, Novomatic ensures a user-friendly experience across a range of devices. This multi-platform availability is an indicator of their commitment to accessibility and convenience for their users.

Novomatic offers a variety of games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, live games, and bingo, among others. This variety in gaming options caters to a wide spectrum of player preferences, and the presence of progressive jackpots adds an extra layer of excitement and potential win for the players. However, it's notable that they do not offer games like video poker, craps, keno, fixed odds, virtual sports, and scratchcards, which may limit their appeal to players who prefer these types of games.

Their slot games showcase a variety in themes and concepts, with games like '4 reel-kings', 'always hot', 'beetle mania', 'book of-ra-deluxe', 'book of-ra', 'bullion bars', 'columbus deluxe', 'cops n-robbers-vegas-vacation', 'dophins pearl-deluxe', and 'fairy queen'. This diversity in slots indicates a creative approach to game development and an effort to provide engaging content for their players.

Overall, Novomatic seems to offer high-quality, user-friendly games with a diverse range of themes and concepts. Their commitment to accessibility and variety is commendable, but there are areas where their game offerings could be expanded to appeal to a larger audience.

Security of Novomatic slots

Novomatic, a renowned gaming company headquartered in Germany, is acclaimed worldwide for its high standards of security in all its gaming platforms. They prioritize the safety and security of their users, ensuring a secure gaming environment across all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.

When it comes to fairness, Novomatic leaves no stone unturned. They are committed to providing fair play with their games, which include popular slots like 4 Reel Kings, Always Hot, Beetle Mania, and many others. While the data provided does not explicitly mention any fairness and randomness testing, the reputation of Novomatic stands as a testament to their commitment to fairness in gaming.

Novomatic also offers a range of live games, progressive jackpots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and bingo games. All of these games follow strict rules and regulations to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all users. Again, while specific details about awards or recognitions for fairness or security are not mentioned in the data, the company's global presence and popularity among gamers speak volumes about their credibility and trustworthiness.

In conclusion, Novomatic is a brand that is synonymous with security and fairness in the gaming industry. They continue to uphold these values, offering a secure and fair gaming experience to millions of users worldwide.


Novomatic is a Germany-based gaming provider part of the NOVOMATIC AG Group. Their platform can be accessed through their official website and features a variety of gaming options. These include an array of slot games like '4 reel-kings', 'always hot', 'book of-ra-deluxe', among others. They offer both desktop and mobile gaming experiences, reaching a broad audience of players.

Strengths of Novomatic include its wide range of games such as slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and bingo. The provider also features live games and progressive jackpots, enhancing the gaming experience for players. Their platform is multilingual, accommodating players from different regions with languages like English, Finnish, Catalan, and Ukranian.

However, Novomatic also has its weaknesses. They do not offer video poker, craps, keno, fixed odds, virtual sports, or scratchcards. This lack of variety may deter players seeking a comprehensive gaming experience.

Regarding the future outlook for Novomatic, it would be beneficial for them to expand their game offerings to include more popular categories and attract a wider demographic of players. They could also consider venturing into VR gaming, a rapidly growing sector in the gaming industry.

For players, Novomatic offers a solid range of games, particularly if you are interested in slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, or bingo. However, if you are looking for a wider variety, you may find their offerings lacking. Consider your gaming preferences before deciding to engage with Novomatic.

Here's a brief overview of Novomatic's gaming offerings:

  • Slots: Yes
  • Blackjack: Yes
  • Roulette: Yes
  • Poker: Yes
  • Bingo: Yes
  • Video Poker: No
  • Craps: No
  • Keno: No
  • Fixed Odds: No
  • Virtual Sports: No
  • Scratchcards: No
What are the most popular Novomatic casino games?
The most popular Novomatic casino games include 4 Reel-Kings, Always Hot, Beetle Mania, Book of Ra Deluxe, Book of Ra, Bullion Bars, Columbus Deluxe, Cops N Robbers Vegas Vacation, Dolphins Pearl Deluxe, and Fairy Queen.
Are Novomatic games available to players in the US?
The data does not provide specific information on whether Novomatic games are available to players in the US.
Which Novomatic + slots have the highest RTP?
The data provided does not include information on a Novomatic bonus.