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Release Date: 24.04.2017
Paylines: -
Reels: -
RTP: 95.18%
Max Win:
Min Bet: 0.02
Max Bet: 125
Layout: 5-3
Technology: JS, HTML5
Game Size: N/A MB
Tegan Harris
Tegan Harrislast updated : 11/07/2023 at 19:14

Step into the world of "The Mad Genius", a truly unique and fascinating online slot game by Nucleus Gaming. Released on the 24th of April, 2017, this slot game has been captivating the attention of players worldwide with its intriguing theme and innovative game mechanics. The game is designed with a 5-3 layout and 30 betways, providing numerous opportunities for players to win.

The Mad Genius runs on JS and HTML5 technology, ensuring seamless gameplay on both desktop and mobile platforms. With its minimum bet starting at 0.02 and going up to 125, this game caters to a wide range of betting preferences. The game also boasts a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95.18%, promising a fair and exciting gaming experience.

While the game does not offer information about free spins, bonus rounds, and special symbols, it is this sense of mystery that makes "The Mad Genius" even more appealing to players. The game's unique theme and potential for big wins is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Explore "The Mad Genius" today and uncover the thrilling gaming experience that lies within. Happy gaming!

What is The Mad Genius

The slot game in question is "The Mad Genius," developed by Nucleus Gaming. Unfortunately, the data does not specify the slot's theme, so we can't confirm whether it's a fruit slot, a megaways slot, or another specific type. However, the title suggests a possible science or invention-themed slot, where the player might be taken on a thrilling journey through the mind of a mad scientist.

The game layout is a 5-3, with 30 betways, and the betting range is from 0.02 to 125. This broad range makes it suitable for a wide variety of players, from casual gamers to more serious bettors. The game is built with JS and HTML5 technology and is mobile-friendly, meaning it can be enjoyed on both desktop and mobile devices.

As for volatility, the Return to Player (RTP) is 95.18%, but the data does not specify the variance, which is crucial in understanding the risk level of the game. Without this information, it's difficult to determine the frequency of payout and the potential winning amount. Unfortunately, the data also lacks details about the game's unique features, such as free spins, bonus rounds, wild or scatter symbols, multipliers, or progressive jackpots. These features can significantly enrich the gameplay and increase the winning potential, so their absence or presence can greatly influence the player's experience.

Nucleus Gaming, the provider of this slot, is a renowned developer in the gaming industry. They are known for their high-quality games with stunning graphics, immersive sound effects, and exciting features. However, without more specific details about "The Mad Genius," it's hard to provide a more comprehensive description.

How to play The Mad Genius

"The Mad Genius" is an exciting game from Nucleus Gaming. You can play this game on both desktop and mobile platforms, thanks to its JS and HTML5 technology. Before you start, it's crucial to understand the game controls and some fundamental strategies.

The layout of the game is 5-3, which means there are five reels and three rows. The minimum bet you can place is 0.02, and the maximum bet is 125. The game offers 30 betways, providing multiple chances for you to win. There's also a return to player (RTP) rate of 95.18%, which indicates the potential payout you can expect in the long run. Please note, this is a statistical average and actual results may vary.

When you start playing, first adjust your bet amount according to your budget and risk tolerance. Keep in mind, the higher your bet, the higher your potential winnings, but this also means a higher risk. Then, spin the reels and watch for winning combinations. The game doesn't specify the presence of free spins, bonus rounds, wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, or a progressive jackpot, so it's likely a straightforward slot game without these special features. However, always check the game rules for any additional details or features.

Gameplay Mechanics

Welcome to the Gameplay Mechanics of "The Mad Genius". This game offers a reliable Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95.18%. However, please note that the game does not provide details regarding its paylines, reels, progressive jackpot, or multiplier features. The game's variance is also not specified, which leaves its volatility open to interpretation. You are advised to familiarize yourself with these terms and the game's betting limits before you commence play. Further in-depth information about these aspects will be provided in the subsequent sections.

Reels, Rows and Paylines

The game "The Mad Genius" currently does not provide specific information regarding its structure in terms of reels and paylines. The details about the number of reels, which are the vertical sections that spin when the game is activated, and paylines, which are the lines on which a payout will be awarded based on winning combinations, are not available at the moment. As such, we are unable to provide a detailed description of the game grid and its components.

For a comprehensive gaming experience, understanding the structure of the game grid, including the number of reels and paylines, is essential. The reels and paylines form the basic structure of any slot game and can greatly influence the outcome of the game. The arrangement of the reels and paylines determines the winning combinations, thus affecting the odds of the game.

While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we apologize for any inconvenience caused due to the unavailability of specific details for "The Mad Genius". We recommend checking back later for updated information. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Bet Limits and RTP

The slot game "The Mad Genius" offers a betting range that accommodates a wide variety of players. With a minimum bet of 0.02 and a maximum bet of 125, both casual players and high rollers can enjoy the game according to their budget and risk tolerance. Additionally, the game provides a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 95.18%. This means that over a long period of play, for every 100 units wagered, players can expect to receive back 95.18 units on average. However, this is a theoretical figure and actual returns can vary.

When comparing "The Mad Genius" to other slots, its features are quite competitive. The betting range is broad enough to cater to most players, and the RTP is within the average range for online slots, which typically falls between 94% and 96%. It is crucial for players to remember that the RTP is a long-term average and does not predict the outcome of individual gaming sessions. Therefore, responsible betting practices are always recommended.

Special Features and Bonuses of The Mad Genius

Welcome to the special features and bonuses section of "The Mad Genius" game, developed by Nucleus Gaming. This game offers a range of features that enhance the gaming experience and increases the chances of winning. These features are crucial to understanding the depth of the game and maximizing your potential returns.

It is important to note that the details about the presence of specific features like free spins, bonus rounds, wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, or progressive jackpots in "The Mad Genius" are not explicitly stated in the data provided. However, these features are common in many online slot games, and each adds a unique twist to the gameplay.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into what each of these special features means. Understanding these elements will undoubtedly give you an edge when playing "The Mad Genius". So, let's explore these features and discover how they can make your gaming experience more exciting and potentially more lucrative.

Stay tuned as we delve into the intricacies of these features and bonuses to help you navigate your way to your next big win!

Theme and Aesthetics

The slot game "The Mad Genius" is a product of Nucleus Gaming, a renowned provider in the casino game industry. Its theme and design are not directly specified from the provided data. However, judging by the title, it can be deduced that the game might revolve around a genius character, possibly reflecting a scientific or inventive theme.

Unfortunately, the lack of information regarding the symbols and background of the game makes it difficult to provide a detailed description of how the theme is incorporated into these elements. In general, slot games often use symbols that are closely tied to their theme. For example, if "The Mad Genius" does indeed involve a scientific theme, symbols could potentially include iconic elements of science such as test tubes, microscopes, or mathematical symbols.

The background usually also complements the game's theme and could perhaps be a depiction of a laboratory or an inventor's workshop in this case. However, these are mere assumptions in the absence of concrete information. The game is built with modern technology (JS, HTML5), making it mobile-friendly, and it caters to a wide range of bettors with a minimum bet of 0.02 and a maximum bet of 125.

The game has a 5-3 layout and offers 30 betways. However, the specifics regarding features like free spins, bonus rounds, wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, and progressive jackpots are not provided. The Return to Player (RTP) rate is 95.18%, which is a crucial detail for players who are concerned with their potential returns.

To get a more precise idea of the game's theme and design, it would be best to play the game via its free play URL, which is compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms.

Compatibility: Support Devices

The game "The Mad Genius" is designed with modern technology including JS and HTML5, and is optimized for a wide range of devices. It is mobile-friendly and can be played on any smartphone or tablet, as well as on desktop computers.

There are no specific software requirements to run the game, due to its universal design. However, your device should support the latest web technologies. The game is built with JS and HTML5, which are supported by all modern browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your browser updated to the latest version for the best gaming experience.

Enjoy the flexibility of playing "The Mad Genius" anytime, anywhere, on any device. Whether you are at home, on your lunch break, or on the go, you can play this game without any hassle. Please note that the size of the game is not available, which could impact the download time and storage space on your device.

Moreover, "The Mad Genius" can be played for free on this site, providing a cost-effective gaming option for all users. However, internet access is required to play the game.

Pros and Cons of Playing The Mad Genius

The slot game in focus is "The Mad Genius" by Nucleus Gaming. This game is not another fruit slot but rather something intriguing and out of the ordinary. It offers a RTP of 95.18% and allows a wide betting range from 0.02 to 125. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of playing "The Mad Genius."

ProsConsThe game is created by Nucleus Gaming, a well-known game provider.There is no information about the game's variance, making it hard to determine the risk level.The game has a solid RTP of 95.18%, which is slightly above average.Some key features such as free spins, bonus rounds, wild symbol, scatter symbol, multiplier, and progressive are not specified.The game is mobile-friendly, allowing players to enjoy it on various devices.The maximum win from the game is not specified, leaving potential players uncertain about the game's potential.The game offers a wide betting range suitable for different types of players, from 0.02 to 125.The game's layout is standard (5-3) and may not provide anything new or exciting in terms of design.

Overall, "The Mad Genius" seems to offer a unique theme and a fair return to player percentage. However, the lack of detailed information about its features and potential rewards may leave some players hesitant.

Summary of The Mad Genius Review

"The Mad Genius" is an online slot game developed by Nucleus Gaming. Released on 24.04.2017, it's a game that doesn't compromise on quality. The game can be played on both desktop and mobile platforms, thanks to its advanced JS and HTML5 technology. This means you can enjoy this game on the go.

The game offers a 5-3 layout and 30 betways, providing plenty of opportunities for players to win. Betting ranges are quite flexible, with a minimum bet of 0.02 and a maximum bet of 125. This makes "The Mad Genius" suitable for both casual players and high rollers. The game comes with an RTP (Return to Player) rate of 95.18%, which is slightly above average for online slots, indicating fair chances of winning.

Unfortunately, the game details about free spins, bonus rounds, wild symbol, scatter symbol, multiplier, progressive, and autoplay features are not specified. These features can significantly enhance the gameplay experience, so their presence or absence may be a deciding factor for many players. The game's max win is also not disclosed, which might be a turn-off for some players looking for big wins.

In conclusion, while "The Mad Genius" offers a decent RTP and a flexible betting range, the lack of detailed information about its features makes it hard to fully assess its potential. The game would benefit from more transparency in its specifications.

What are the symbols in The Mad Genius?
The data provided does not contain specific information about the symbols in "The Mad Genius" slot game.
When did The Mad Genius come out?
The slot "The Mad Genius" was released on 24th April 2017.
What is the RTP of The Mad Genius?
The RTP (Return to Player) of the slot "The Mad Genius" by Nucleus Gaming is 95.18%.
What is the The Mad Genius bonus?
The data does not provide information on whether the slot game "The Mad Genius" has any bonuses.