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Company: Onlyplay ltd
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Tegan Harris
Tegan Harrislast updated : 12/07/2023 at 7:24

Founded by Onlyplay ltd, Onlyplay is a reputable game provider that specializes in a variety of gaming experiences. Based on the information provided, they are known for their desktop and mobile games, with a particular focus on social games and slots. They also offer fixed odds games and scratchcards, appealing to a broad range of gaming enthusiasts. Although the headquarters of Onlyplay is not specified, their influence in the gaming industry is widely recognized. For more detailed information, please visit their official website: https://www.onlyplay.net.

Overview of Onlyplay + casino games

Onlyplay ltd, known in the gaming industry as Onlyplay, offers a range of games primarily focused on slots and social games. The company maintains a strong online presence with both mobile and desktop versions of its games available for users. Onlyplay also provides scratchcard games and fixed odds games, which diversifies their portfolio, ensuring there's something for every player. Although they do not offer traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack, and poker, their unique selection of games offers an interesting alternative for game enthusiasts.

The design used in Onlyplay games is not specified in the data provided. However, judging by the company's logo and the overall user interface of their website, it can be inferred that they likely use modern and user-friendly designs for their games. High-quality graphics and engaging game mechanics are essential in the gaming industry, and it is reasonable to assume that Onlyplay, as a contemporary game provider, adheres to these standards. It would be beneficial to visit their website for a firsthand experience of their game designs.

Quality and design of Onlyplay games

Try these games from Onlyplay

Try these games from Onlyplay, a well-renowned gaming company known for its innovative and engaging gaming content. Onlyplay specializes in social games, slot games, fixed odds games, and scratch cards, providing a diverse gaming experience for players across various platforms. With both desktop and mobile compatibility, gamers can enjoy Onlyplay's offerings from the comfort of their homes or on the go.

Unfortunately, due to unavailability of specific data, we cannot provide summaries of the most popular games from Onlyplay. We encourage you to visit their official website and explore their wide range of games to find one that suits your gaming preferences.

Quality and design of Onlyplay

The gaming company Onlyplay offers a variety of gaming options for its users. Their games are available on both desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring that users can enjoy their gaming experience on multiple devices. However, they do not offer virtual reality (VR) games, which might be a drawback for some players.

Onlyplay specializes in social games and slots, which are popular among casual gamers. The company also offers scratchcards and fixed odds games, adding to the diversity of their gaming portfolio. However, they do not offer traditional casino games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, and craps. This lack of classic casino games might be a downside for players looking for a more traditional gaming experience.

On the other hand, the company supports multiple languages including English, Finnish, Catalan, and Ukrainian. This is a positive aspect as it caters to a wider audience. However, the data provided does not indicate the quality of the games, user interface, and the variety in their game themes and concepts. It would be beneficial for the company to provide more information on these aspects to help players make an informed decision.

In conclusion, Onlyplay offers a decent range of games that can be enjoyed on both desktop and mobile platforms, but they could benefit from expanding their portfolio to include more traditional casino games. The company's multilingual support is a plus, but more information on the quality of their games and the user experience they offer would be beneficial.

Security of Onlyplay slots

Onlyplay, a company known for its online gaming platforms, places utmost emphasis on the security and fairness of its games. However, the data provided does not specify any information regarding the fairness and randomness testing of their games. It's crucial for gaming companies to provide this information to ensure users that outcomes of games are not manipulated and are purely based on chance.

Without this information, it's difficult to ascertain the fairness of Onlyplay's games. Therefore, users are encouraged to do their own due diligence before participating in the games. It's always advisable to look for certifications or recognitions from independent testing agencies that verify game fairness and security.

Unfortunately, the data also does not mention any awards or recognitions that Onlyplay has received for its fairness or security. This is an important aspect to consider when choosing an online gaming platform. Awards and recognitions from reputable bodies in the gaming industry serve as a testament to the company's commitment to secure and fair gaming practices.

In summary, while Onlyplay offers various games across desktop and mobile platforms, with features like progressive jackpots, slots, and fixed odds, there is no available information about their fairness and randomness testing or any recognitions they have received for security or fairness. Therefore, potential users should be cautious and seek more information before participating in their games.


Onlyplay ltd, operating under the brand name 'Onlyplay', is a gaming provider that offers a blend of gaming experiences. However, the provider's strengths and weaknesses are evident and are crucial to consider when deciding whether to use their services.

One of the main strengths of Onlyplay is the availability of their services both on desktop and mobile platforms. This flexibility allows users to enjoy their games irrespective of their device. Additionally, Onlyplay provides social games, which are increasingly popular among online players. The company also offers slot games, a favorite among many casino players, and fixed odds games. Another positive aspect is the availability of their services in multiple languages, including English, Finnish, Catalan, and Ukrainian, which makes their platform accessible to a broader audience.

However, Onlyplay also has noticeable weaknesses. Specifically, their gaming portfolio lacks diversity. They do not offer popular games like Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, and Keno. Moreover, they do not provide live games and progressive jackpots, which are major attractions for serious players. These limitations can significantly affect the appeal of the platform for many prospective users.

Looking into the future, Onlyplay needs to diversify their game offerings to remain competitive. Including popular games like Blackjack and Roulette or introducing progressive jackpots can attract a wider range of players. Live games could also be an excellent addition to their platform.

For players, Onlyplay might be a good choice if you enjoy social games, slot games, or fixed odds games. Their platform is also ideal if you prefer playing on mobile or desktop. However, if you are a fan of live games, progressive jackpots, or a variety of table games, Onlyplay may not be the best option for you. It is recommended that players consider their gaming preferences before choosing this provider.

Here is a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of Onlyplay:

StrengthsWeaknessesAvailable on both desktop and mobile platformsLack of diverse game optionsProvides social gamesNo live gamesOffers slot gamesNo Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, and KenoAvailable in multiple languagesNo progressive jackpots
What are the most popular Onlyplay casino games?
The data does not provide specific information on the most popular Onlyplay casino games.
Are Onlyplay games available to players in the US?
The provided data does not specify whether Onlyplay games are available to players in the US.
Which Onlyplay + slots have the highest RTP?
The data provided does not include information on an Onlyplay bonus.